Bitcoin 101

If you are looking for an introductory study that will cover the basics of bitcoin this is the group for you. Bitcoin isn’t just a currency but is founded on innovative technology and trusted economic philosophy. We will be following the Bitcoin Diploma Financial Education for the Bitcoin Era Student Workbook.

The workbook will be provided in print and digital format. Suggestions for bitcoin wallets will be provided and explanation of the different wallets and how to use them. Also, suggestions on where to purchase bitcoin will be provided as well.

As this is the first group, the time for each meeting may vary based on the material and conversation. In addition, the material covered may not match up exactly with the workbook. The goal is to cover as much as possible in six months but the end date may be extended to incorporate additional months, if necessary.

Meeting Dates

Dates for the monthly meeting will be the second Friday of each month. The day may change based on holidays. Any changes will be communicated in advanced. Check out the Calendar to review upcoming meeting dates and other events.

Notice: This is not an investment group. Contact a registered financial advisor for financial advice. This is not a religious group but I am a Christian man and the topics covered will incorporate biblical concepts.

Student Workbook – Table of Contents

  • Chapter #1 – The Power of Money
  • Chapter #2 – From Barter to Bitcoin and CBDCs: A History of Money
  • Chapter #3 – Discovering the Dark Side of Fiat
  • Chapter #4 – The Future can be Decentralized: Empowering Communities and Individuals
  • Chapter #5 – Unveiling the Future of Money: An Introduction to Bitcoin
  • Chapter #6 – Bitcoin Wallets: Navigating Self-Custody and the Lightning Network for Secure Transactions
  • Chapter #7 – Unlocking the Secrets of Bitcoin’s Inner Workings: The Math, Mempool, and UTXOs
  • Chapter #8 – Building the Chain of Security: Understanding the Process of Bitcoin Mining and its Role in the Blockchain
  • Chapter #9 – Why Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value Is Anything but Hollow
  • Chapter #10 – From Bits to Bitcoin: Piecing Together the Puzzle

Download and review the student workbook?

A printed workbook will be provided. However, if you are interested in getting a head start, digital copy, or preview of the material.


There is no cost for attending. If you have found the information valuable; donations are appreciated. $100 Suggested Donation (per person)
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